Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Spiritual Experience

In my life, I would love to go skydiving in a tropical forest with my mother. I am not sure what country or what forest, but I would love to have that experience. I love the feeling of being nervous and having adrenaline in the beginning of something, but not regretting the experience after the fact. I would also want to go with my mother because she is terrified of heights and she doesn't do anything risky and thrilling. It would be interesting to see how she reacts when a string is the only thing holding life. As soon as I turn eighteen, I would sign away my life with a skydiving company and embark on that journey. Usually skydiving companies prep you before about the procedures and cautions that should be taken during skydiving. Other than that, your life is in the hands of the person that goes down with you and parachute. The thought of just falling and being free, without any worries is a nostalgic thing to think about. While you're falling, you become a part of the universe that just floats around with no cares or no thoughts. It must be thrilling to become one with the universe.

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