Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is God male?

I wonder if God is male. All my life, I have referred to God as "he" because that is what I have been taught. Despite the fact that I referred to God as a male, I never gave God a face. I knew I called God a "he," but I could never create an image of God in my mind. However, I believe that God has no gender because he encompasses all of his creation, men and women. Subsequently, God is a divine being rather than a man or woman.

Is thinking that God is male problematic?
Thinking that God is male is very problematic because that notion creates a barrier between men and women, implying that women are inferior to men. The idea that God is a male demonstrates that men are supposed to be looked highly upon and should be considered an all-powerful and all-knowing gender. However, intelligent individuals would know that God created us equally.

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