Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Word Made Flesh

  1. What is the big deal about learning the nature of God?
I think the big deal about learning about the nature of God is to understand the power and strength God has and uses to allow humans to flourish in the world. We learn that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient to strengthen our faith in our Creator and know that he will always be present, powerful and all-knowing to better humanity day by day. 
2. How can a human person possibly meet God?
I believe human people can meet God physically in heaven, during purgatory, and through other people when they show love and compassion. In addition, we spiritually meet God through prayer in times of need or thankfulness.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Why is there suffering in this world?

I think there is suffering in the world because in order to know good, we must know the bad. We must learn that are difficulties in life to test us and the individuals around us so we can value life more. Suffering is a symbol of strength, if you are able to overcome obstacles, you will be able to better your relationships with individual and value them more. If there was no suffering many jobs, people or concepts would not exist, there wouldn’t be a purpose for doctors, nurses, in a sense you wouldn’t need to really pray to God in times of struggle because you wouldn’t have any. If individuals don’t experience pain, they won’t learn how to learn from certain experiences and they loose valuable development. In addition, when God comes on judgment day, he wants to save us all from destruction and suffering in our lives, in order to really show us that he is omnipotent and reward all the people that have supported him throughout their lives.

Does human life have meaning? If so, what is the meaning of human life?
I think all humans have the same meaning in life, to love, be compassionate, find our talents, and create relationships with one another. God created us in his image and likeness; therefore he wants the best for us. For example, everyone has a talent, either singing, dancing, or acting, and the list could continue. Every talent can be used to spread God’s love and promote compassion for another. God gave us these talents and he wants us to utilize them for the good of humanity, where we can learn to be more accepting, considerate, and kindhearted towards one another. In addition, an important meaning in our lives is to make relationships with one another because God created us all together so we could establish trust, generosity, and love on Earth. The people God has made should have connections with one another and help each other in any type of relationship because everyone deserves to learn from each other. Today, people have valuable friendships and relationships that have bettered them as a person and made them stronger. Each of those beneficial relationship supports God's notion of having relationships that will foster your development and strengthen your faith in God as you grow.