Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Spiritual Experience

In my life, I would love to go skydiving in a tropical forest with my mother. I am not sure what country or what forest, but I would love to have that experience. I love the feeling of being nervous and having adrenaline in the beginning of something, but not regretting the experience after the fact. I would also want to go with my mother because she is terrified of heights and she doesn't do anything risky and thrilling. It would be interesting to see how she reacts when a string is the only thing holding life. As soon as I turn eighteen, I would sign away my life with a skydiving company and embark on that journey. Usually skydiving companies prep you before about the procedures and cautions that should be taken during skydiving. Other than that, your life is in the hands of the person that goes down with you and parachute. The thought of just falling and being free, without any worries is a nostalgic thing to think about. While you're falling, you become a part of the universe that just floats around with no cares or no thoughts. It must be thrilling to become one with the universe.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Five People You Meet in Heaven chronicles the encounters of Eddie, the maintenance man of the Ruby Pier, as he meets five important people in heaven after saving the life of a young girl. Each person within the movie was influenced or influenced Eddie in some way. Heaven is obviously addressed in the movie and it does not completely focus on the religious aspect. Similar to the Catholic Teaching, Eddie’s heaven is the ultimate state of happiness he will ever experience. This happiness was determined by the decisions he made during his Earthly life. According to the Catholic Teaching, heaven is also frequently described in the New Testament as a party or banquet. In contrast, the movie suggests that everyone will have their own individual heaven and each will reflect the decisions individuals made on Earth. After watching the movie and understanding the Catholic perspective on heaven, I feel that since heaven is such a serendipitous experience, it should not be defined by the minds of others. No one knows what heaven entails and we have to wait for that true Kingdom of God, but I do think Five People You Meet in Heaven fuels our imagination and hopes for heaven. Each encounter Eddie had made him realize things he had never before and it’s sad to think that there can only be peace when God has complete control over it, not when humans are left to their own devices. Eddie had continuous issues with his dad and we all have had issues with our parents and other people in our lives, however, we should be able learn from them on Earth, not in heaven, so we can live full.
The Catholic Church describes Purgatory as an experience that prepares one to fully experience God’s eternal presence. Hell is described as a choice one makes to destroy and reject a relationship with God. I think the film addresses death and purgatory in different ways. Eddie is prepared to meet his God through meeting five influential people that he crossed paths with on Earth. Many people are unaware of what purgatory entails, however, the movie illustrates this experience as lessons learned before reaching his or her God. The movie depicts death as a renewal of life, and the beginning of learning. Learning and growing does not stop after death, death can enhance one’s development.
The first person Eddie meets is the Blue Man from Ruby Pier. From his Blue Man, Eddie learns that there are no random acts, good comes from it, and no life is a waste. The second person Eddie meets in heaven is his captain from war. Through this encounter and recollection, Eddie learns that sacrifice is something to be proud of, it makes us human and sacrifice means you pass something on to someone else. The third person Eddie meets is Ruby from Ruby Pier, and she teaches him that the act of hating is detrimental because the harm we do to others, we do to ourselves. Ruby insists that it is important forgive because hate is not worth the pain and struggle one can go through. The fourth person Eddie meets in heaven is late wife, Marguerite, and she explains that memory connects you to the things you loose. Even though she died, their love never died. Marguerite articulates that life has to end but love doesn't and memories yield love. The fifth and final person Eddie meets in heaven is Tala, the Filipino girl he killed in the fire. Tala explains to Eddie that despite his actions during the war, he hurt her but he saved the lives of many young children at the pier. His main purpose in life is to save and bring a smile to the children of Ruby Pier. Overall, when Eddie was in his heaven at the Pier, he saw all the lives he impacted and saved, realizing that each life affects one another, he had positively affected the lives of many individuals, not just children.
            Overall, I didn’t enjoy the movie because I don’t enjoy talking about death this persistently and I couldn’t grasp some concepts trying to be conveyed. However, I think the movie provided an audience with important lessons to learn about in life. Despite the amazement of heaven, I feel that the movie addresses bigger issues than death. I find it very disheartening that we as humans will only feel peace when one person is in control of everything. It is disappointing to see that people believe that we learn the most vital lessons that can thoroughly foster our growth in heaven rather than on Earth. Humans are a wonderful and perplex species, therefore I find it weird that we yearn for peace and tranquility in heaven, when we could make the world around us today as peaceful and tranquil as the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My moment of grace

I can't think of one moment I have experienced grace, but when I think of grace, I always picture problems being solved. If my sister and I were in an argument, my mother would usually intrude, eliminating the fist fight that may have ensued. In E.E Ford, we learned about bridges and walkways that collapsed due to weak links. Despite the tragic collapses, these failures have led to progress and success to ensure safer and more efficient bridges and walkways. Problems derived from mistakes, evil, revenge, hate, or even too much love are alleviated by grace. Grace is the answer to our problems and it is a source for our human desires to be quenched. Sometimes we don't even realize that we also demonstrate grace through guiding a friend through a difficult time, being a leader, not a follower, and helping someone build their confidence.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Theology Reflection

Sarah Yearwood
Ms. Pickett
13 November 2016
Jesus to Me
            To me, Jesus is a symbol of suffering, love, and power. As a young child, I was taught to think of Jesus as a Savior or Messiah. While Jesus is a Savior or Messiah, I feel as though his symbolic meanings take precedence over other definitions of him. Jesus represents love through accepting and showing compassion to all people: the outcasts, the rich, the poor, and the weak. Jesus symbolizes suffering, as he had to overcome and experience pain for all of us. Lastly, Jesus is a symbol of power through his ability to endure the abuse and pain of his crucifixion, but also through the miracles and patience he had with all people. To be powerful, one must be able to overcome obstacles set before them with love. Jesus endured the pain, suffering, ostracization, and mockery out of love for us. Jesus literally died on the cross for the people he loves, something mothers would do for their children as well. When you love someone or something, you will do everything in your power to help and care for that individual or thing to have the best existence possible.
Personally, I think Jesus’ suffering represents the power of love he has for all people. But, if I could ask Jesus any question if he were living today, I would ask him how could he carry on living if he knew of his gruesome death? It genuinely amazes me how he still allowed the Jews and Pontius Pilate to crucify him and abuse him even though he knew it would happen prior. If I were Jesus I would have killed myself right before Judas betrayed me and I was brought before Pontius Pilate. Jesus’s ability to sacrifice himself for the people that were persecuting him astonishes me because if I was him I would be completely bitter that the people I am working so hard for are against me and desire to kill me.
            Jesus taught all people to be compassionate and love thy neighbor as thyself. As Christians, we are supposed to uphold to Jesus’ teachings and exercise compassion in every aspect of our lives. Some Christians today, however, do not live the way Jesus wants us to. According to Jesus’ actions, we are supposed to support and ally with the most vulnerable. Many Christians do help and support the most vulnerable through working at food shelters, donating clothes to the homeless, and working with sexually abused victims. While these individuals maintain Jesus’ teachings, they may also engage in actions that are the opposite of being compassionate and loving towards others.

Upon attending Holy Child, I learned that some Christians do not support the LGBTQ+ community because in parts of the bible homosexual or countercultural relations were condemned. While the LGBTQ+ community may be condemned or not discussed in the Bible, Jesus created relationships with the outcasts and most vulnerable. Subsequently, Christians should also create relationships and accept the outcasts and most vulnerable in our society. In addition, Jesus advocated for his beliefs and the glory of God. I think it is very crucial in the Christian faith and in the secular sphere to voice our opinion and hear other perspectives in order to grow and learn. Through expressing our opinions and understanding other individuals’ viewpoint on an issue, we work towards creating a compassionate and understanding environment for all people.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What would life be like without an afterlife?

If there was no afterlife, I feel as though many people would feel compelled to live their lives to the fullest through taking many risks and having various experiences. At the same time, many individuals could feel there is no point of living if there is no afterlife, sadly, there could be an increase in suicides. Both routes presents the idea that without an afterlife, people will take time to reflect and ask themselves, what is the meaning of my life? The meaning of life could be to save lives and help the corrupt for some individuals. Teaching people to sing and dance could the meaning of life for another individual. Despite the wonderful purposes of life, some people may find that they have no purpose. They will choose to wash away and lack the ambition to carry on.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Opinion on God Being Male

1. Personally, I don't get upset when people refer to God as "he" because everyone is allowed to identify God in the form they are most comfortable with. Subsequently, God is different for everyone and we are all made in God's image and likeness, therefore God can embody any shape or form. If someone refers to God as "he," that is how they interpret God and they are most comfortable with that identification because it's only God and that person in that relationship. No one has the right to tell someone how to view someone or something. However, I can also understand that by referring to God as "he" can be demeaning and paint a picture that women are inferior to men.

2. Personally, I prescribe to egalitarianism because it is important that in the future for me that my only point of living is not just to bear a child and take care of he or she, rather work hard to achieve a goal or greatness. Additionally, I think it is important that I will not be marginalized from a job or activity because I am a girl. If men and women are created in the image and likeness of God, then both sexes are equal because God is us, and we are God. We never say, men are two-thirds of God and women are one-third, therefore, there should be no distinction between each gender's ability and desires in life.